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An invitation to participate!


All of the persons helping to create the presentation of "HIS LAST DAYS" are volunteers. We invite anyone who is interested to come and walk in the drama as a part of the crowd scenes. Costumes are provided. Persons in costume will need to provide their own leather sandals. Because experienced cast members lead those in the crowd, no practice is required to be in the drama. As persons return for more than one year, they may understudy for more detailed parts. The best way to really "see" the drama is to be in it!

A live choir and musicians form the narration and lyrical backdrop of the drama. Persons with musical talents are invited to take part. Others may volunteer to help with the many behind the scenes activities such as: preparing the drama site, setting up props, parking and directing traffic, costume making, stuffing envelopes, assisting with sound and lighting, and numerous other tasks.

People of all ages are invited to participate. Some parts require little or no walking or coaching. There are parts that are very simple and others that are more involved. Like a large mosaic, each part helps to create the story. Whole families are encouraged to be in the drama. There are several families participating in "HIS LAST DAYS" that have had four generations involved. The oldest person to be in a costumed part was ninety-three and the youngest to make a brief appearance was just seven days old. Children will need to be accompanied by parents or responsible adults. Youth groups are especially welcome. We ask that one adult leader participate in costume with each youth group. Youth groups are encouraged to do a Bible study of the Gospels prior to the drama to prepare them for the scenes of Jesus' last days. The drama is a wonderful experience for Sunday School Classes to be in a living Bible lesson together. 

We hope you will give prayerful consideration to sharing with us in this beautiful event.  

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in or helping with "HIS LAST DAYS", please email Carole Murphy at or Jan Volk at website.
















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