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Who we are is not as important as the story we have to tell. We offer this ministry of "HIS LAST DAYS" anonymously with the prayer that you look past our lives into the lives of those touched by our Lord's earthly ministry and so receive in your life His healing and abiding presence.

We are Homemakers, Hair-stylists, College Presidents, Factory Workers, Ministers, Engineers, Produce Managers, Doctors, Nurses, Farmers, Lawyers, Writers, Waitresses, Environmentalists, Physical Therapists, School Teachers, Accountants, Church Choir Directors, Carpenters, Sunday School Teachers, Computer Operators, Students, Secretaries, Retired Persons, Truck Drivers, Counselors, Sales Persons, ...... and many, many others of all ages, who form a tapestry of God's handiwork. We are not perfect people, not particularly talented, or necessarily adept...... but we are willing to step into the lives of those who followed Jesus to present their story and His.







Broken Vessels Renewal Ministries

Reverend Robert Murphy

Email:  rpanic1@aol.com