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The passion drama, "His Last Days", is a unique presentation of the Gospel's account of Jesus' ministry and final days. Staged in a large outdoor setting, it draws from the natural surroundings and simple actions of the cast to create a visual mosaic of the scenes of Jesus' life. Cast members do not speak lines, instead, the story is told in motion, music, and narration. The realism of the drama comes from the genuine expressions of ordinary people of all ages, as they respond to the message of the scenes. It is not "acted." Many spontaneous scenes occur that add immense richness of detail to the portrayal. They are genuinely and worshipfully experienced by those participating in costume. For this reason, no two presentations are exactly alike.

"HIS LAST DAYS" originator, Carole Murphy, writes, "Shortly after arriving in Rabun County in 1982, I began to have a dream of producing an outdoor drama which would depict the life and ministry of Jesus and which would utilize the beautiful, natural scenery of the mountains. "HIS LAST DAYS" is a result of this dream. It is a worship experience, not a performance. Set around a mountain lake that recalls the Sea of Galilee, a cast of ordinary persons in costume recreates scenes from the life of Jesus with a powerful and unforgettable realism. The cast and crew are Christians from local churches as well as churches across Georgia and surrounding states. A choir and soloists provide live music and a narrator tells the "old, old story" as the scenes are enacted of Jesus' teachings, healings, arrest, trials, crucifixion, burial and resurrection."

Year by year the drama has continued to grow. With at least two presentations each summer on consecutive nights and some years three, His Last Days became an area tradition. In 1994, "HIS LAST DAYS" found a new location in another beautiful mountain setting with a lake and terraced hills that would accommodate larger audiences. This property is owned by the Tallulah Falls School. In the Fall of 2002, the Board of Trustees of the School accepted a proposal to designate and develop the drama site as a permanent outdoor theater, thus providing a location for other events and for "HIS LAST DAYS" to have a long term home. 




















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