1.  First, email us at BVRM and request information on our program giving us your mailing       address. We will then mail you a packet of general information on Panic/Anxiety Disorders.       Included will be an evaluation that we ask that you complete, if, you decide you would like to       further consider our program.

2.  Following receipt of your evaluation we will arrange a time when we can call and discuss our       findings and if we feel you are a good candidate for our program. There is no charge for our       evaluation or the information.

3.  If we determine that you are a good candidate for recovery we will arrange suitable time’s for       regular sessions (usually weekly), and assign one of our trainers to be your primary trainer.

4.  Your trainer will call you at the time scheduled and for all subsequent sessions. Telephone       calls are always at our expense.

Rev. Robert Murphy

BVRM Executive Director

Charter Member American Association of Christian Counselors