BVRM offers individual and family counseling and Anxiety Disorder Recovery Training with Rev. Robert Murphy & Carole Murphy.

Our Panic/Anxiety Disorders Recovery ministry offers Cognitive-Behavior Training that involves changing beliefs and behaviors which have been contributing factors in persons developing Anxiety Disorders.

We have been engaged in Anxiety Disorder Recovery ministry since 1984.


Participants Learn skills to create recovery which include: 

  1.  Understanding phobias and panic attacks, their causes and contributing factors.

  2.  Identifying anxiety/depressive patterns and ways out of these vicious circles.

  3.  Recognizing symptoms and levels of anxiety and how anxiety moves into panic.

  4.  Skills to control and diminish anxiety levels.

  5.  How to develop relaxation and positive imaging skills that nurture freedom.

  6.  Letting go of negatives to receive healing of the spirit.

  7.  To be assertive without being aggressive.

  8.  Setting appropriate boundaries with others.

  9.  Dealing creatively with feelings of anger, love and separation.

10.  Addressing the issues that change brings.

11.  Relating to family members and others who may not understand.

12.  Replacing flawded theological beliefs that contribute to high anxiety, with truth’s that free.

13.  To intergrate the understandings and practices that lead to healing and to overcome unique

Rev. Robert Murphy

BVRM Executive Director

Charter Member American Association of Christian Counselors