The short answer to this question is that we feel called to this specialized ministry. There is a great unmet need, not being addressed in our unique way, by any other Christian ministry. Over and over through the last twenty two years, clients have said “Oh, if I had just found this ministry sooner!”

The fact is that 75% of sufferers never get help at all. Those that do are often given medications that suppress the symptoms, but do not cure. Medications are often needed to alleviate acute symptoms and allow for more in-depth work. However, many grow dependent on medications that require ever increasing dosages to control the symptoms leaving them fearful that they may never get off drugs. What they all want and deserve is healing and freedom, not long term drug dependency.

The sobering statistics are that the average sufferer has the problem five years before being accurately diagnosed and has seen ten treatment professionals in a desperate search for healing. About half of them will turn to Alcohol, often becoming addicted. Approximately one third of the Alcoholic population began drinking as a way of self-medicating their anxiety. Anxiety Disorder sufferers are caught in a vicious circle and often become severely depressed following failure after failure to find their way out.

They are frequently diagnosed and treated for depression, but the deeper Anxiety Disorder leading to depression is missed.

Some mental/emotional conditions are seen to be due to “chemical imbalance in the brain,” calling for medications only. However this is uncertain with Anxiety Disorders, but even if so, the imbalance must have been corrected since, nine out of ten that complete our training recover.

Other professionals often lack the time or the gifts to teach the skills necessary for recovery. In every case, we have found the disorder has developed in a way unique to each sufferer. Tapes and workbooks offered by others are often helpful, and even enough for some individuals to make recovery. However, our belief is that persons make full recovery, and do so faster, when they are heard and responded to. Tapes and work books cannot listen and respond. Our Trainers listen every step along the way so as to teach specific steps that address the unique way the condition has developed in our client’s lives. Coaching is also avaliable for family members and support persons to help them understand the condition and learn ways to help.

Very few counselors have experience in training persons in behavioral changes that break down the vicious cycles associated with Anxiety Disorders. Fewer still are attuned to the Spiritual issues which often strengthen and reinforce the condition. In many cases, the sufferer holds beliefs that function to keep them trapped in Anxiety. Beliefs such as: “God is using this to punish me for my sin,” amounts to Spiritual Abuse that often blocks recovery. Careful listening that allows for competent training in behavioral changes, along with sensitive Spiritual guidance, makes our approach to recovery unique.

Why are we doing this? Because living with Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks is a living hell! No one should be left by the side of this road when freedom is possible and help is available. We do this because we know how it feels. Our Trainers have walked this road and are committed to helping others recover. The Gospels report that Jesus came to “set the Prisoners free”. Our experience has been that He is faithful to do just that through this ministry.

Rev. Robert Murphy

BVRM Executive Director

Charter Member American Association of Christian Counselors